Saturday, 19 July 2014

Catching Up!

Please forgive my silence again over the past couple of weeks!  I have been so busy with everything but finally I can relax a little.
In a couple of weeks time it's Isabelle's first birthday and I wanted to make her a special quilt.  I bought the fabric on my last holiday to Anglesey - Moda Printemps -  and was going to make something lovely for me...and then I thought about Sunbonnet Sue!  I inherited all my mum's Sunbonnet Sue quilt books - 4 in all and a lot of the designs are rather intricate so I chose this simple design for Isabelle's first never know, in the future I might make one of the more intricate ones ;-)

So, I chose this appliqué pattern then put my own quilt design around it. 

 It's backed with a beautiful lemon fleece which I love for baby quilts. 

I've also been knitting some cardy's for Belle...a short sleeved lacy summer cardy and a long sleeved one for those cooler days...

Also a couple of weeks ago hubby reclaimed an office chair from a skip at work (after asking permission first of course!)
I found a 
showing how to cover an office chair exactly like this so I took less than 1/2hr and I'm really happy with it

Lastly...I'm still knitting socks...
I've just finished a pair for hubby...

...and now finished the first one of a pair for me.  I've also just ordered some more sock wool (I think I'm hooked!!) to knit some little socks for Isabelle too - nobody escapes!!

So...there we go - that's what I've been up to!  And now I really must get on with a couple of projects I promised to the editor of Popular Patchwork ages ago! Plus another design for Joanna at Patchwork & Quilting.

How did I ever find the time to go to work?!!

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Caz said...

Love those blue socks, what pattern and yarn did you use? I am on my 2nd pair,, I use a circular needle and the Magic Loop. Can't be bothered about DPN's,, too confusing. Love the little cardi's,, if I knit one for my GS he would be double the size by the time I finish!!!