Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Quilts & Bunting!

After admiring a beautiful quilt made by a Facebook friend she kindly pointed me in the direction of the pattern and I made this small quilt from the Parson Gray fabrics I bought from the FOQ a couple of years ago.  The backing is a Jinny Beyer design which goes beautifully!  My intention was to add it to my craft table at my next sale at the hospital at the end of May but I love it so much I didn't want to part with it!

At the same time I decided to make some bunting, also to sell on my stall.  The first few triangles were a bit of a pain but I soon got used to it and it turned out not as bad as I thought.  They are double sided & stitched, not just single triangles of fabric!
As soon as I showed it off on Facebook I sold 2 strands of it!  I also sold another strand at my sale :-)

This quilt is another I was going to put up for sale...but I fell in love with this too!
The fabrics are Kaffe Fassett and Philip Jacobs and I absolutely love it.  It is based on my own design which was published in Popular Patchwork called 'Cat In The Box' (see the pictures on the right) but I decided to leave out the cats this time.

These are the last quilts to be made on my trusty Janome 6600 which was struggling towards the end - we got very frustrated with each other so I decided that rather than have it serviced again I was going to bite the bullet and treat myself to the latest Janome Horizon 8900 with an 11" throat.  

I'm still learning but I feel so much more relaxed sewing with it and it sews beautifully!

I will not be selling my 6600 as I decided that when my new one needs a service I'll get that one serviced at the same time then pass it on to DD, as by that time I might have got her even more interested in sewing for herself and she will hopefully have somewhere to sew in her new home :-)


Kathye said...

Beautiful Parson Gray quilt! What pattern is it? Love the bunting too!

Gina said...

love your work as always but you can't keep everything for yourself. You do know that don't you xx

Maggi said...

I can understand why you want to keep the two quilts - both lovely. Have fun with your new machine.