Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Goodbye January...Hello February!

Well, what a roller-coaster of month January was!
There were so many ups and downs I got dizzy!!  Luckily there were more 'ups' and the 'downs' mainly confined to visits to the dentist but as you know I have such a fear of the dentist these 'downs' were pretty bad :-(

Anyway...I started January with the knowledge that I no longer had to get up a 6.30am to go to work :-)  That was a mega 'up'!! 
When I finally found my feet I started a routine of walking into the village once or twice a week to have lunch with my daughter who works at the local private hospital.  I'd then walk back through Abney Park to avoid the busy the busy main road and listen to the bird song instead...

...everything is a bit bare at the moment - and very muddy!! - but it will get prettier!

Then I was asked if I'd like to have a craft table in the hospital restaurant so last week I was running around making more stock in between more dentist visits :-( but then on Friday I set up my stall and settled down with my Kindle for a quiet day... you can see it was a wet and miserable day but I wasn't prepared for the sales I had!  I sold quite a few cards, a textile art picture, fabric covered notebook, cushion covers and I actually sold two quilts...I am still thrilled to bits about that :-)  I also got a couple of orders for little knitted items so I will be knitting fingerless gloves for the next one too!

Another event for January was my son't 30th Birthday...I can't believe so many years have gone by - I can remember that time vividly!  So we all had a lovely meal out and Baby Belle came too and was as good as gold :-)

...and here is that Black & White & Red All Over quilt finally finished and handed over to the birthday boy!

So...that was January!
Now I started February on a very high note - Jenny & I had a lovely day in Manchester on Sunday visiting the Grayson Perry exhibition at the art gallery...but more about that in the next post ;-)


Gina said...

Busy month. I love your son's quilt and Belle is adorable

Caz said...

Glad you are enjoying your retirement! Nice quilt for your son. I couldn't see your blog on my tab yesterday,, am on the laptop today,,hence the delay in commenting.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Looks as if your retirement will be busy. Well done on the sales.

Angela said...

Thanks Sheila...yes it does!