Friday, 24 January 2014

Be Creative Group

Be Creative is a Facebook Group started by Myfanwy Hart.

This group is all about finding time to do something creative! It's all about

finding anything from 15 mins to a whole day to actually do something - not just 

think about it! 

One weekend a month - and more if you can find time. From art to stitching, 

photography to cooking and everything beyond and in-between - if you create 

you are qualified to join.

Why don't you pop over to her blog and take a look

If you fancy joining in ask to join the 
...ask anyone who is a member, Myfanwy or myself 
or click the link on the page.

I hope to see you there!

1 comment:

Gina said...

To my shame I've done next to nothing so far this weekend. Hopefully I'll get in my sewing room today xxx