Sunday, 30 June 2013

Baby Shower Gifts

At last I can share what I've been busy making lately!  Along with my daughter, Jenny, I've been putting together a bag of baby goodies for my first grandbaby due in 5 weeks.
Yesterday we gave them to the mum-to-be at her baby shower.
This seems to be a relatively new thing in the UK - from the USA I think - well, my youngest is 25 and we didn't have them 25 years ago...well not around here anyway! can see the bag full of goodies above and now here are the gifts inside...

This is a fleece teddy that Jenny made for her new niece/ soft & cuddly!
And here's a close-up of his face...

Not to be outdone I also made a cuddly...

...this believe it or not is the 17th version of the Minkee Blankee pattern I've made over the years!  
I know...I couldn't believe it either!!
And here's a close-up...

Of course I also included a quilt!
This was one I made for Popular Patchwork Magazine a couple of years ago called 'Bee My Honey Bee'
... and I've been saving it for this eventuality 

Here's a little cream cardy...all the other knitting I've been doing have been for either a boy or girl as the yarn available is so gorgeous I didn't want to just knit plain colours.  Some would be suitable for boy or girl but others wouldn't.

Lastly, this is a knitted blanket I made when I was expecting Andrew (the new baby's father) almost 30 years ago.
I thought it fitting that I handed it over for his baby

And here is everything all together...

...and here is the bag I put them in...
This was a plain bag I bought a while ago but wasn't sure how to embellish it!
I got inspiration just in time!

Now I've got a Boy Quilt to finish (Girl Quilt already done!)
and more pretty baby cardigans...
and a happy event due in just 5 weeks time!


Caz said...

I love your Minkee blankee,,,, so cute! Lucky baby!

Maggi said...

What a lovely selection of gifts. Baby showers definitely came over from America, along with Trick or Treat:(

Anonymous said...

Hi Ange,
super gift bag, I think a baby shower is a lovely idea. Not long to wait now but it sounds like you are all prepared :)
Carol xx